JULY, 2021

Background – Zoro was a rescue dog that had suffered much abuse, extremely nervous, reluctant to leave its new owner’s side, and would sometimes stand and shake.

Zoro has made notable improvements this week. First, he has been willingly leaving our building for his walks. Since fireworks exploded 20 metres from our front door while we were out walking, he needed to be coaxed out the door. 


He is slowly gaining confidence. He still sits with me a lot but now ventures happily to interact with other dogs in the park. Progress!


After 2 weeks...  Zoro has just been the most affectionate dog. Really coming out of his shell, and much calmer. Cute story - a guest was doing an early morning meditation on our beach. Normally Zoro would go charging down to the beach and race around, but this time he sat quietly next to her and watched her meditating. He’s so much happier and calm now. THANK YOU!

Pauline Matterson 

JUNE, 2021

Charlie was not a rescue dog, but bought from a breeder overseas, and transported to Victoria at 6 weeks old. Thus he only had the trauma of leaving his mother and siblings, and the journey to Canada to get over.


His new owner Sandra told me that she was unable to leave Charlie alone at all, as she felt that he exhibited severe separation anxiety.

I did just one session with Charlie, doing brain calming, and energy healing to pull stress from her body. I also showed Sandra how to do a simple calming technique to share with Charlie every day. Here is her feedback:


Charlie and I are doing well.  We continue with consciously “calming” each day which means that I’m now able to leave Charlie for almost 1 hour at a time.  Today, he hardly even noticed when I returned from grocery shopping!  I’ve also discovered that it’s probably harder for me to leave Charlie than it is for him to be left alone!  

Thank you…

When I first got Bear, a timid and shy little rescue from Thailand with a lot of separation anxiety, I couldn't leave him alone in my apartment for even a few minutes without him immediately howling and barking uncontrollably until I returned home.

Well, thanks to Joti and her incredible efforts, Bear is now content to be left alone when needed. Bear and Joti have created such a strong bond that I have no problems leaving my little guy with her for a few days and when I return, he's the happiest little guy. 

Each time I would leave Bear with Joti, she would also work on his needs whether anxiety, itching or biting. It may be odd to think about energy work on animals, but Joti has a unique ability to tune into the animal’s needs. 

I recommend her highly if your pet needs some calming or other work. 

 Teddy Jenner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Off the Crosse-Bar Lacrosse Show Host


Eva was a rescue dog, with extreme anxiety. Likely left alone in crate, without exercise for many hours each day. When I got her the blanket she was on had been shredded into small pieces, and her teeth worn down from constant biting metal bars of crate.

I am unable to leave her alone, so she spends time at doggy daycare when I work, and weekends.

After first brain calming session with Joti, I dropped Eva off at doggy daycare. Picked her up that evening, very good report from staff.  

 -Two very subdued little woofs, then settled down as harness put on. Usually jumps around, making it difficult for person getting her ready to go home.

-When taken for a walk, Eva didn’t try to pull the group her way, just trotted along with the rest of them.

- Eva just made a small noise when lifted out of her basket, (usually growls and resists being picked up).

Then Joti did distant healing for Eva.. After 5 minutes, she looked over at the door then rolled over on her back, silly smile on her face and just lay there for 40 minutes.  Joti said that Eva was holding  a lot of fearful energy in her entire body so she did a few sessions on this before returning to brain calming.

​Since I got her, Eva had about 2 bad dreams a month, getting very agitated. But now she has no more bad dreams.

​At home, Eva is constantly by my side, or on my lap, never sits on her own. However, during first session with Joti, after 10 minutes she got up off the floor at Joti’s feet and went and sat on her own in a chair.  And when Joti sent distant healing in evenings, Eva left my side and automatically went and sat on her own, looking expectantly. Once healing starts her eyes get quite glazed, and she becomes very serene.

​Second session, I was surprised to see Eva get up and walk to the door, when she heard Joti knock. She has never done this before.

​​Very pleased with the results!

​Helen J, Victoria