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Born in England, emigrated to Canada aged 10… With dual citizenship, I spent time in both UK and Canada, as well as travelling widely – Europe, US,  Egypt, Caribbean, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Hawaii…  which gave me a broad perspective on life.


As a young child, I exhibited ‘intuitive knowing’…  As I was taken on holiday to a small village I had not seen before, just before arriving there, I described it in detail, to everyone’s surprise.

At the age of 19, not having seen or heard from an older brother for several years, and living in different countries, I awoke one morn ‘knowing’ he was about to get married. Within the week I received an invitation to his wedding.

Through my 20s I often met people, that I ‘knew’ from before – past lives… and at times knew something was about to happen to someone, just before it took place.

I was very drawn to healing from early on, and did a number of courses, starting with Reiki, I & 2. But I felt that there were underlying causes for people’s health issues, and went on to do certification in hypnotherapy, in London, UK. Then later, learned other healing modalities...

Over the years I found I was sporadically ‘picking up’ things about people as I talked to them. Wanting to take this deeper, I did a course on Akashic Records reading, which I then offered to people for a few years, doing some extraordinary past life readings along the way.

Late 30s I took a year off to write a book, on the nature of beliefs, which was accepted by Penguin, but not published. ‘Didn’t fit the list’! But on the strength of that, I became free lance writer for a European newspaper, and later a Canadian magazine. Then I went on to do free lance editing, for self publishing authors. But after a time I no longer wanted to spend my day in front of a computer, and thought about what I really wanted to do.


So I began pet sitting... which I have now done, and enjoyed, for over 20 years... 

 I have always had a deep love for all animals, and feel a very special bond with both furry and feathered friends. But it was not until a few years ago that I began to communicate with them, to my delight.


Firstly, whilst house sitting for a long term client, one day I received a very unexpected visit from one of her pets. Whilst I was in the kitchen, to my surprise, I heard the pitter patter of feet coming across the floor to the counter, unmistakably that of Nikki, a spaniel.

She had passed a few years earlier…  One of her habits had been to jump up and try to get any food that might be left on the counter…. She then went on to give me a message to pass on to her owner. 

Last year after taking a client’s dog for a walk, the owner mentioned her pet’s strange behaviour around a toy ball; wanting to play with it, but not doing so. I tuned in and immediately picked up an early life issue involving another dog’s ball, that resulted in a fear response, and was able to let the owner know the reason for this strange behaviour.

Another time a pet client had a strange response when it saw me holding a papaya, looking very fearful. I picked up that it had been pelted with this fruit by small boys, back in its native country... 

One of my courses on energy healing had introduced the possibility of healing various conditions through communicating with the brain… 

So, during a pet sitting stint with a very anxious rescue dog, that could not be left alone without getting very verbal, I decided as an experiment to see if I could connect with its brain to calm it down, and change its behaviour. To my delight, after just a short session, I left the house, and no barking! And still no barking when I returned. 


And so it began… 

During visit to UK a few years ago, I learned a very special process of calming an animal's mind down, in order to communicate with them, or change unwanted behaviour... 

Adding this to what I had previously learned, provided a potent mix... and proved to be highly effective. 



Reiki 2

Quantum Touch

Access Consciousness Bars

Clinical Hypnotherapist, London, UK

Akashic Records Reading

TTouch - for animals

Animal Communication & behavioural change


Over the years I continue to learn new things, connected to energy healing and intuition, for both humans and animals, and personal development.

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