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                                                   HOW DOES IT WORK?

Trauma Release - physical, mental, emotional

Trauma from the past, which is stored in both a dog's brain and body, is often the reason for a dog's behavioural issues. This is the part that is not addressed by mainstream dog behaviour experts... 


1. I send special healing communication to the brain to release long held trauma, fear, stress. 

2.  I send healing energy to the entire body to release trauma and stress. (Like humans, animals' bodies carry stress...)

Physical Healing 

If I detect any areas of pain or discomfort, while sending calming energy, I will work on that area specifically as well. (Owners may be able to tell me what the cause or issue is that I am picking up, other times it is something rooted in the past they may not be aware of, that the animal may communicate to me.)

Relaxing You...


People and their dogs share feelings. If you are anxious about something, no surprise, your dog will also start to feel and act anxiously. Conversely, if your dog starts fretting about something, you can also pick up on this, and start to feel some stress. 

Thus however you are feeling, is communicated to your pet, so the more relaxed you are the more relaxed your dog will be!

Thus, I now offer each client an optional 10 min calming experience, at the start of the session. Which clients report is very beneficial... This way you get to experience a bit of what I do with your dog, and also get to feel good yourself! Plus, most dogs also start to relax as soon as I do this... 

After just a few sessions of deep calming and healing on your dog, as needed, we are ready for the next phase!


Like us, dogs are thinkers.  They remember what happened in the past, and triggers can cause certain emotional responses, such as fear, uncertainty, or anticipation.  

Animals are drawn to a quiet, calm energy... When they experience this,  even long standing problems can be changed.

Once I bring your dog’s thinking down to a certain level, their body naturally lets go of stress and they are able to hear and respond when asked to do something, rather than being absorbed in fearful thoughts.

Additionally, I will tune in and listen to what the animal is telling me about an issues it has, either current or in the past.. (See Communication for more details.) 

Then I will train you to do a simple, but potent, calming method to relax and calm your dog. And together we will work on your dog's issues - commonly leash anxiety, and separation anxiety, or excessive barking.   

The sessions will take place in your home, where your pet is most comfortable. 

However, I also offer distant sessions. So if you prefer not to have me visit your home, or are outside Victoria, I am happy to do the sessions distantly. The sessions will still be as effective... 


​For several years I have been doing energy healing for people, and 6 years ago when pet-sitting a highly sensitive, over-anxious puppy, (rescued from appalling conditions in Thailand), I decided to see if I could send messages/healing to its brain, to overcome extreme separation anxiety.  


To my delight it worked! No more barking when left alone in the house…

After, I was able to send calming energy directly to a dog's physical body, which also worked well. 

​Then I discovered a simple animal calming technique, which I added to the mix,  which yielded even better, longer lasting results.

Click on MORE and TESTIMONIALS for more details on all of the above.

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