Dogs are thinking beings, just like us... Although they don’t spend hours worrying about things like we do, they do remember traumatic events. They may fear meeting certain dogs in the park, or react negatively to  people who remind them of someone who abused them in the past. ​​


 When an animal’s thinking is high, it is very stressed out about something, and cannot hear you. Only when you bring the animal’s thinking (& stress levels) down can you begin to change its behaviour

Animals are drawn to a quiet, attentive presence...

Once this is achieved, even long standing problems can be changed.

Once I bring your dog’s thinking down to a certain level, their body naturally lets go of stress and they are able to hear and respond when asked to do something, rather than being absorbed in fearful thoughts.

Unlike traditional training methods which often utilise bribes or dominance to change animals' behaviour, I go to the root of the problem, and release the trauma which created the problem behaviour. 

The sessions will initially take place in your home, where your pet is most comfortable. Additional sessions may take place in the garden, or park, as needed.

However, I also offer distant sessions. So if you prefer not to have me visit your home, or are outside Victoria, I am happy to do the sessions distantly. The sessions will still be effective... 


I start by sending energy to specific areas of your dog's brain... to release any obsessive behaviour. 

 Then, I send calming energy to its  body - in person, or distantly - to release long held trauma.This can be done close up, or away from the body, depending on their sensitivity. 

If in person, and your dog permits, I may also do a type of dog massage, TTouch, which focusses on releasing stress from all the muscles, bones, etc.


Lastly, I will be using a simple, but potent calming technique, which I will share with you, so that you may do it with your furry companion,  as needed. 


Additionally, I will tune in and listen to what the animal is telling me about an issues it has, either current or in the past.. (See Communication for more details.) 


​For several years I have been doing energy healing for people, and 3 years ago when pet-sitting a highly sensitive, over-anxious puppy, (rescued from appalling conditions in Thailand), I decided to see if I could send messages/healing to its brain, to overcome extreme separation anxiety.  


To my delight it worked! No more barking when left alone in the house…

After, I was able to send calming energy directly to a dog's physical body, which also worked well. 

​Then I discovered a simple animal calming technique, which I added to the mix,  which yielded even better, longer lasting results.

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