RESCUE DOGS









One of my primary goals is to help the many dogs rescued from abusive or neglectful situations, who continue to carry stress, on every level.

When dogs are transported by plane from one country, or province, to another, it takes a toll on the animal, creating a very high level of stress - physical, mental and emotional.

This stays with them… and sets up negative behaviour patterns; their way of coping…  

We know that humans are adversely affected by high levels of stress, be it from loud or ongoing noise, sudden change of circumstance, or long distance travel…  Considering that animals’ sense of hearing is far, far greater than ours, and their sensitivity much more acute, we can begin to understand how mistreated or unwanted animals, taken from familiar surroundings, mother and siblings, are affected, and the reason they display certain unwanted behaviour.

The first step is to assist the dog in releasing the trauma of being separated from family, travel stress, and being in totally new surroundings with strangers, and the high level of fear all that created.

And if the dog has been neglected, or abused in any way, I will also work to release the held trauma of that, as well. 

I may start by communicating with specific areas of the brain, to calm the dog. And/or I may also use a very calming, healing touching process, (TTouch) working directly on different areas of its body, specifically designed for anxious dogs. Or Quantum Touch…

My work is very intuitive, and I will be guided on how best to proceed with them by what messages they or their body give me, and how they respond to each action.

Then I use a simple but highly effective calming technique, which I will later share with you, so that you can also use it on your pet, for ongoing results… 

Once I am able to bring the dog’s emotions and thinking levels down, I can then work with you to release any negative behaviour it is exhibiting, including biting furniture, (or you!) and excessive barking.

Going at the animal’s pace… slowly building trust… and most importantly, never forcing or dominating the dog.

Always respecting the dog’s boundaries, and how quickly it is ready to let go of stress and discomfort in its body, mind, and emotions.




Whilst working on healing and releasing trauma from the dog, it may want to communicate with me, to share what happened to it in the past, or any current issues it has.

But if an animal is extremely stressed, it may be too shut down to want to communicate at this point. Later, as the dog is calmer, it may be more inclined to chat…

Though, often I will pick up details of its past as I work on its brain, or body.

However, if you have specific questions you would like me to ask, and the dog is too stressed to chat with me in person, I may ask you to send me a photo of the dog, and I can connect with it that way, and receive any information it wishes to share.