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I am now offering distant calming sessions for our furry friends! If you live outside Victoria,  another country, or have Covid concerns and prefer that I do not visit in person, this is for you... And yes, it matters not whether I am in the same room, across the city or in another country, healing/calming energy travels where I direct it...  

About 8 years ago, I discovered that it was possible to send energy across distances.  A good friend, (guinea pig for my healing experiments), sat across the room as I sent waves of energy her way. She felt the energy, and being  quite sensitive, knew  which part of the body I was sending to!

When she moved to another city, I experimented sending to her brain across the miles, and again she was able to know when I was sending, and also which part of the brain I was focusing on.

Last year, after learning that I was now working on dog calming, using my brain healing/communication methods, the same friend asked if I could help her daughter’s new pet, a very traumatized rescue Greece!

I agreed, but purely as an experiment… To my delight, the dog responded very well to the healing/calming I was sending to both brain and body… and its behaviour changed noticeably… (For more details, see Testimonials – Zoro, Pauline Matterson.)

After working with a few local dogs, so anxious that I could not get near them, but just had to send energy across the room to them, I decided that many sensitive dogs were best worked on distantly, when resting or asleep - no distractions... This worked very well I am pleased to say. And so now I am offering more distant sessions, so how far away you are makes no difference! And with Covid concerns, this is a way for me to work with your pet, without visiting. 

As I will not meet you and your special furry friend in person, I am offering first session at a very low rate,  so that you will be able to see how your dog responds, before committing to a few sessions.

This session will be 20 minutes of very focused energy to brain and body, to begin to release anxiety, fear, and past trauma.

And I will email you right after with any impressions, feedback, etc. 

 Releasing stress from both brain and body, and communicating with your dog to discover what happened in the past to cause the trauma they continue to carry, or anything else that is helpful for me to know, to pass on to you.  (For this I just need a picture of your pet…)

All sessions 20 minutes each. And an emailed report after each, including any pertinent info gained during the session. 

I suggest 2 days apart, for a total of 6 sessions. Then we can assess progress and whether more sessions are called for or not.

After, I will also be giving you a special, but simple method to use on your dog daily, to calm him/her, helping them to cope with any situations that may cause anxiety, such as loud noises, or unexpected changes in their routine.

To book your session, go to Fees & Booking page. 

I look forward to working with you and your pet!

Joti Bryant

PS. Yes, this is one of my previous clients - Eva - receiving distant calming, enjoying the energy!

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