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And now I also do animal communication. Tuning into the animal and listening to what they want to say… And/or receiving information intuitively about their situation.

Often when I do energy work on an animal, in person, or distantly,  I pick up on pertinent things, and messages can come through at that time.

And when I meet an animal, if they are ready to communicate, they will do so… When they are relaxed and feeling safe, is the best time to connect with them. If they are stressed, or preoccupied, it may not happen.

Alternatively, I can also connect with your animal through a photo. 




To find out what they need…

Gain insights into how they are feeling.

Understand the relationship or issues they have with other animals in the house, or vicinity. 

Discover any issues they may have with specific humans, currently or in the past.

Learn how past experiences affect current behaviour.

Identify any discomfort or misalignment they may be suffering from.

Explain medical procedures or treatments that may be necessary.

Prepare animal for changes: house move, new partner, animal addition, arrival of a baby, people leaving home, or you going away for a period of time.

Connect with animals after they pass.


These take approx 30 mins, for which I charge just $30 

These are sample communications, general in nature. I discover pertininet things about your pet, which you can verify, plus a personal message from him/her to you.  Or, I can focus on one or more specific questions from you. 



Not a rescue cat. Very proud, self contained fellow.

Fussy about what other cats he chooses to be around.

Loves attention and affection, but on his terms.

Issue with lower spine to tip of tail…

Sleeps a lot, in sunny places.

Not keen on being picked up.

1 or 2 dogs he doesn’t mind. Children, not so much.

Adults, if they approach slowly and sensitively.


Message to owner – Only gentle strokes please… some people pat me like I’m a dog!  And I like softer, soothing music. Thank you very much!

OWNER FEEDBACK:  You’re right! He is not a rescue cat. He’s very proud and self contained. Not only does he love attention, he craves it. Ok, you really freak me out with this one - Anubis was born with a twisted spine. He went thru several months of massage therapy to straighten his back - excellent communication Joti, so pleased you were able to pick that up. He loves to sleep, I think more than other cats. Yes, if there is a sunny spot, you’ll find him there. Again, spot on - he’s not big on children and he tolerates the neighbour’s dog. He prefers adults to approach him slowly, gives him a chance to decide if he wants the interaction. I do rough house with him, didn’t think he minded - little bugger! 😊 He actually likes my husband better and he does stroke him gently. Ever since he was little we only play soft classical music in the house.

Joti, you did fantastic!






A bit nervous by nature, but a natural hunter and loves to explore, or chase – cats, rabbits, squirrels, or dogs near his own size.

Loves his food! Not at all fussy…

Loves tummy rubs, and ear massage.

Had a digestive problem earlier. Okay now.

Doesn’t bark often.

Has his own special bed.

Some weakness in lower spine.

He has bonded very closely with you and clearly greatly appreciates your care and attention.

Afraid of deep water.

Okay with most people, except loud children.

Had a canine brother, that he has been missing.


Message to you – more beef please! And would like more one-on-one time with you, “away from all that gadgetry!”


Very good stuff! He is definitely nervous by nature, loves to explore and certainly chase cats (!) and run around with dogs his own size.

Definitely loves his food and you’re right not fussy. Yes, loves his tummy rubbed (and will, now it has been mentioned, will start to massage his ears more often). Indeed, doesn’t bark too often. Has his own special bed as well.

He has bonded very closely with me, he barely lets me out of his sight.... I’m glad to hear he appreciates my care and attention.

He loves the beach and happy to paddle up to his tummy, only very cautiously will swim out a little bit further to get his ball but you’re right he is certainly not keen on deep water.

He is okay with most people but rather reserved, only when he gets to know a person he is super excited to see them. happy enough with the grandchildren, Fortunately they are not loud!

We adopted Marlin about 20 months ago, from a family with two other dogs that got re-homed separately. I guess it’s those dogs or one of them that he is missing.

I registered request for more beef! Plus I take on board “getting away from all that gadgetry. ” Joy

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